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PCI9103 user's manual
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How to distinguish between isolation and shielding?
  The typical signal isolation is the photoelectric isolation. Using PV isolation to separate the input of the single-chip device from the output of that. On the one hand, interference signals can not enter the single-chip microcomputer system, and on the other hand, the noise of single-chip system itself will not be a way to transfer as conduction. And the shielding is used to isolate the space radiation. As for the part with loud noise such as the switching power supply, you need to cover them up with a metal box, so it can reduce the interference to the single-chip microcomputer system brought by noise sources. As for the analog circuit which is afraid of interference particularly, for example, high-sensitive weak signal amplification circuit could be shielded .But the important point is that metal shielding itself must be connected with the real ground.
What is the establishment of time?
  As for D/A, this is described in D/A conversion rate as an important parameter in describing D/A conversion rate, and generally it refers to the period of time when digital input is inputted and analog output stability is within the normal accuracy. As for A/D, because of the importation of electronic switches, amplifiers have a delay. So a change in inputting voltage to the A/D will take some time to be provided for the accuracy and stability.
How to set up the frequency of acquisition card collection to achieve a good sampling effect?
  To obtain a high sampling frequency, use the hardware timer on the board generally and use interrupting to collect data.
There are many so-called AD boards literally with a large number of sampling frequency KHz,. but the Timer control in VB in the shortest time interval is only about 50ms, which means the software can only be collected in about 20 times/sec.
  Set the frequency of collection. That is to say, set up the kind of software collection points per second. Mining signal frequency in the known circumstances at least in theory is taken for the 5-fold signal of the frequency of collection. In fact, we recommend that you capture the frequency of signals which are taken 10 to 20 times for facilitating observation of the waveform.
In the secondary development process, the collected data is 16, but the resolution of A/D in the card shows 12Bit, Why is this?
  Resolution: The resolution of the card is 12, which means it's the smallest full-scale resolution to quantify the whole range (plus or minus range) of 1/4096 (2 of 12 power per 1), however, in the actual software, for the convenience of dealing, the data do need to be mapped to 16-bit, high- 4.
What are the meanings of AI, DI, AO, DO, PI, PO?
  AI: Analog Input AO: Analog Output DI: Digital Input DO: Digital Output PI: Pulse Input PO: Pulse Output
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