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Application of PXI Platform on the Electronic Products Testing

The requirements of producing the testing platform:


These factors are frequently considered before establishing the new testing platform.

1 System Space: When supplied the testing system with the same functions, PXI platform takes up smaller space than VXI.

2 Testing Instrument: The compatibility and the unity between testing system platform and testing instrument are very important.

3 System Controller: There are two types of system controller, one is circumscribed system controller and the other is embedded system controller. Using the circumscribed system controller can save the slots of the host computer, and then supply more peripheral slots for other equipments and switch- implement. Using the embedded system controller not only need another host computer but also can save space.

4 Instrument and Signal Switch- implement

Instrumental modularization, high- density, high-speed and other characteristics are important factors for system design.


ART Solution Project

Hardware: ART's PXI chassis can be used as system platform, embedded system controller as system controller, switch module as signal switch, and ART's data acquisition modules and counter modules as analog /digital input/output, in addition, in order to satisfy all kinds of testing requirements , ART can supply digital storage oscilloscope and voluntary waveform generator module. If necessary , connecting other GPIB devices by GPIB modules which has PXI interface is a way.


Software Driving Programme:  ART's Driving Programme supports VB, VC, LabVIEW, LabWindows, VC++Builder, Delphi, Matlab, configuration software and others.


Testing Instrument:

Testing instruments are commonly achieved by manufacturers. In terms of most PXI modules generally use SCSI interface, it is easy for manufacturers to design the external interface and complete the connection between PXI testing platform and testing instrument.


Application Effect:

In terms of taking up small space, high speed, high compatibility, low cost, PXI testing system is a good choice for the electronic manufacturing testing system.

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