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Data Acquisition Card
Tablet PC
Integrated Monitoring Instruments
Motion Control Products
Embedded Hardware(X86,ARM)
Signal conditioning Module
Wireless Products
Terminal board
Communication Converter Module
Application Type
Industrial Measurement and Con
Embedded Design
Automated Test
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Application of USB Boards in the Products' Quality Testing
The quality of architecture material is very important in architecture industry, so it is very necessary to check the quality comprehensively. The following is the application of ART's USB2086 in checking cement pressure.
Application of PC104 in Water Quality Disposal
Use ART2000 to make real-time data acquisition and monitor, and use ART2533 to control the power on/off signal.
Application of PXI Platform on the Electronic Products Testing
With the development of the technology and the requirement of the market, electronic manufacturing and testing modes have changed. Compared with the conventional testing platform which is based on PC, GPIB or VXI, PXI platform is more superior.
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